Monday, June 22, 2020

Every Article is an Offering Back to God

I am like the everyday weeds.


Of no real beauty.

But, like all of God's plants, we reach out to the sun.

God is the SUN, and we reach out to Him.

We may be nobody, but we are grateful for His love.

If we were of no importance, we probably wouldn't exist.

But we hold the soil, too.

Sometimes, we're the toughest.

Where others can be easily pulled out, give us a bit of crushed rock, and over time it becomes soil, and there we grow.

I know how weeds are.

Where others are great at planting, I'm better at "weeding".

I've climbed roofs to chop off many leaves, and branches, that have gone on board, ready to clog the drains, or dislodge the roof shingles.

It's gotten so, that I call myself the "weed-detector".

Weeds get nervous when I'm around.

They know I'll head for my saw, my shears, my mini chain saw, or whatever tool may be available at the moment.

Sure, they'll wrestle with me with all they've got.

And oftentimes, I lose.

For, I have to get to the "root" of them, and they're not about to go out kicking and screaming.

Only a weed (no, not the one you smoke), can know other weeds.

Thus, I know how to "uproot" them.

And I ask myself if they're a creation of the devil, or what.

Then I remember what God said: 

17 And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;
18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;
19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Genesis 3:17-19 (King James Version)

Oh, so that's why.

The reason for the weeds, the hardship, the mortality.

But maybe I'm a different weed.

Maybe I'm an "evolved" weed.

Yeah, right.

Why else would this weed care to know more about God, despite the curse?

Why else do I lift my face up to the sun, offering all the articles I've been writing since 6 September 2019 -- all for you to read -- and all, in honor of the LORD God?

I am a weed, that weeded out all the "weed" from myself.

In case you have a difficult time understanding that, it's okay.

God uses my facility for words, and my natural bent on word play, so He and I can get His message across, to whoever cares to read our work.

He knows I have a playful heart.

He knows I am a five-year-old child, clutching Jesus' hands, as we walk, and talk, skipping, and hopping, and I pepper Him with questions.

And He laughs at this curious, tenacious being, who desires to know ALL about Him.

So, He guides me each day, and every moment, just as I had asked.

He wouldn't be rid of me so easily.

And He laughs some more.

He woke me up early this morning at 4 a.m., and I found myself writing about Him.

He said it was "urgent".

Would you like to read that article?

Click this link then!

You may want to read some verses on physical labor. You'll find these very interesting, revealing, and illuminating.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Why I Write

Why do I write?

Why do I have so many blogs?

I write, because I have something to say.

I write, because I have plenty to share.

I write, because I'm teaching myself many things, too.

I write, because God gave me the gift to write.

I write, because it comes naturally to me.

I write, because the articles, and books, spill from my heart.

I write, because I'm learning something new each day.

I write, because there's so much to tell you about God.

I write, because I was born to write.

And a very strange thing happened, just as I randomly opened my little black book, on choice sayings from my favorite thinkers and authors.

It opened in EXACTLY the passage I wanted to share with you. 

Henry Miller tells it like it is, for me, as well:  

"I write without thought or let. 
I take down the dictation as it were."

I don't know whose dictation the marvelous writer's ideas were coming from, but I do know mine.

My thoughts, especially for over nine months now, when my writing really "exploded", comes from the Holy Spirit, the Teacher that Christ left us with, to remember His words and teachings.

How can it not?

I'd been praying for a very long time that all come from GOD alone.

I only wanted His TRUTH.

True enough, the writing couldn't be stopped, more than ever.

Night and day, it's like a factory of ideas each time, every moment.

But actually, they're not even ideas, they're merely to support my belief in God's WORD.

My words are God's WORD.

I don't own the words.

God does.

So, I laugh a bit at how people seem to copyright everything, when EVERYTHING that's kind or brilliant comes from God anyway.

I don't own anything.

God does.

I merely write, when inspired -- by the Holy Spirit.

Or when HS has something important to say -- instructions mostly.

Or reminders.

About the Might, Power, and Glory of God.

And of how we ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Surely, my child-like heart can grasp that Might, Power, and Glory, for we "kids" have expansive imaginations.

And our hearts aren't cluttered or stifled by self.

Self's gone over nine months ago.

God resides in my soul now.

More than ever.

Expect the best writing yet.

And I don't take any credit for that.

Of course, God will use the simple language I like.

I don't like complicating things, to show how intelligent I am.

I'm not.

God is.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Mailer For Night-Owl Marketers

Are you a marketer?

Or, perhaps, a writer who wishes to promote his books or blogs?

Maybe a thought leader, who's got lots of ideas to share?

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There are referral contests, all the way till the end of August 2020, with exciting cash and advertising prizes.

It's one of those mailers I like -- simple, easy to navigate, generous, and user-friendly. 

Whether you join the referral contest, or not, and merely want to mail in peace, then do so.

The site is growing each day, and I can imagine this mailer to be around for as long as the owners and admin care for it to be around.

Sign up for FREE, and put out your best offers to the members.

Click this link to join The Midnight Writer.

So very perfect for night-owl marketers.

And yes, by that, we mean you can mail ANYTIME.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

All My Blogs

I guess it's time to go for the jugular.

No two ways about it.

If I don't do it now, I may never will.

So, here are my current blogs so far:

1. Band of Banners
FREE advertising for online marketers

2. Archaeologist of the Soul
Loving God above all

3. Marketers Unite
Marketers helping each other

4. FREE Members Earn
Earn cash and credits from these sites

5. Massive Ad Blasters
1-click advertising

6. Baby Jack-Jack
The magic of Jack-Jack

7. Prophecy Lessons
Bible Prophecy for beginners and believers

8. Marketing Like a Five-Year-Old
Think boldly

9. Organic Online Food Store
Boost your immune system

10. Books by SCRIBU
Spiritual warfare books

11. Leap in Income
Crypto for the world

12. Coffee Traffic Exchange
A break from the usual grind

13. The Work Objective
How to work, under the Grace and Guidance of God

14. Many Ways to be Kind
A blog on being kind

15. Persistent Kamote
Survival skills in the time of covid

16. The Hip Marketer
Revolutionary ideas in marketing

17. Quack Architect
Art Design Writing Communications

18. Just Write Will Ya
A blog for all my blogs

So, I guess that's it.

Eighteen sections of my brain.

I wonder what Spirit and I will create next?

You know that show (which I never watched), "All My Children"?

Well, all my blogs are all my children.

Now I feel like a hog, giving birth to that many.

And yes, I hug them all, close to my heart.

The Quick Brown Fox

In my ancient writing days, those were the words I'd type, to test a typewriter I needed to become familiar with.

"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

From a portable typewriter, I shifted to a Canon battery-operated typewriter I bought from a friend.

It had a tiny window on it, where you can see what words you're typing.

Then, when I became managing editor at the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc., I started using the crisp, and bigger, electric-run IBM Selectric.

Even writers morph, you know.

Then I took a short-term certification course on DOS, and started learning about computers.

Then, nothing.

I took other jobs.

Became an entrepreneur, and started selling and marketing, designing and merchandising.

But the quick brown fox was born a writer, so I'd go back to writing every so often, and yes, still testing computers with those words.

"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

And now, I research about those words, and find something really cool.

It's always cool to know the history of things.

And here's what I found.

You see, the learning never stops.

For as long as we're breathing, and we're interested in learning, we just open our minds and hearts to such.

Now, the quick brown fox is quicker.

I don't test how fast I type.

I suppose I'm fast enough, judging by the volume of blogs and posts I've written.

Not including the everyday online marketing and pitching I do.

Oh, I better tell you how I learned to type as a child.

Promise not to laugh.

Papa had this two-volume Webster's dictionary.

I saw an illustration of the typewriter keys.

I pretended to type on those, and when my father got me a real typewriter -- for I had become his "secretary" -- the learning curve was smooth.

Like I said in the previous post, my writing came from a love for reading.

I just plainly LOVE words.

God created me that way.

It took root in me.

And now, it cannot be weeded out.

Learning to Write

Just like every other kid, we all started writing when someone gave us a pencil, and some paper.

Before my brothers and I got to Kindergarten, we had a tutor.

Papa gave us a sturdy green table with matching chairs, and we were tutored by by a lady called Fely, I think.

You know what they say about your lingering memories having to do with scent?

Well, I can remember the scent of freshly-sharpened pencils, and the crisp way it touched the surface of the paper as we all wrote.

Teacher Fely was kind, and I don't believe she rapped our knuckles at that age.

She couldn't rap me anyway.

I so loved sitting down, and doodling.

Boys, being boys, they didn't care for writing.

I was the only nut who did.

I must have loved it so much, that throughout my High School years, I was called upon to be Secretary of the class.

That was fun enough, but I enjoyed mostly being the "mail woman", wherein letters (remember, this was pre-digital days) where dropped in those wooden boxes where we secretaries would pick up the Class Record (a tiny book) from the Principal's office.

Soon as I'd enter the classroom, and start waving the letters, everyone would perk up, anticipating their name to be called.

The lucky ones would elicit such squeals of laughter, teasing, giggling, and delight.

That was my first taste of power, evil child that I was.

Papa, being a busy doctor, also asked I help him with his bookkeeping.

It seems, the trigger was to be told I had nice penmanship, so could I please help him?

I did, and got bored writing numbers from receipts, onto ledgers.

A kid doesn't understand accounting.

I still don't.

Still, Papa would keep us busy -- especially me -- during summer vacation.

Where all my cousins, classmates, and friends would be out enjoying themselves in the sun and all that, I'd be cooped up inside the house, writing.

Papa wanted us to have good penmanship.

So, where teachers would punish you when you're naughty, and make you write the same sentence endlessly on the board ( I tried that once, btw), Papa thought it was a productive way to spend summer.

And we had to show him our repetitive exercise when he'd come home from work.

Did it make my penmanship any better?

Uh, no.

Did it make me want to write?

Not either.

I started writing in High School, because I love reading books, and my lonely childhood made me dream my days away. 

From reading came writing, and I found I particularly loved essays.

I also started enjoying writing because my English teacher believed in me.

No one wanted to de-code Shakespeare, and oftentimes, as everyone avoided her gaze, she'd lock on to me, raise an eyebrow, and ask me to de-code the Bard.

Beats me, but of course, I had to come up with something.

She liked my essays, though, and she played a big role in developing my love for writing.  

Sometimes, all you need is someone to believe in you, and think you're good enough, that you can cut it.

Well, she gave me high grades in my compositions, and English and Social Studies became my favorite subjects.  

There was a rhythm to it all.

Mrs. Hernandez, my beloved English teacher, would give us a "theme", and I'd be off!

When I got older, all I needed was a "word", and I'd write volumes.

When I got even older, all I needed was an image, and boy, that got my writing going like crazy, so much so, that on every blog post, on all my blogs, there had to be a fitting image which my mind found acceptable.

At best, it had to be a "rock star" image.

It had to excite my writing coconut.

Like the ones you see on this blog, for one.

Writing seemed to like me, too, and I think, I'll share a bit of what kind of jobs I got as a writer, even without the blessing of my father, who made me take up Architecture instead.

But you see, you can't take away writing from a writer.

That' like asking me to stop breathing.

And yes, I found that writers have a bit of drama in them.

We have to.

Our words have to leap out of pages.

Or, at least, that's what I think.

Worked for me, I tell ya.

The Blog For All My Blogs


I can't not write.

I was born to write.

I have much to say.

Maybe not everyone will care to hear what I want to say, but that's alright.

I create my blogs to "document" my own thinking and discoveries.

It's an internal pursuit, without which I'd probably go nuts.

So, I create blogs, right and left.

I have blogs on spirituality, FREE advertising, marketing, my books, design, survival skills, and only God knows what else I'll be creating.

How am I able to manage all my blogs?

I just write, as Spirit urges me to.

We have much to talk about, and to share.

I haven't counted my blogs, as yet.

But I will, soon as I get this first post in, of another blog I've created -- Just Write Will Ya -- the one you're reading now.

I guess, that makes me a serial blogger.

Writing comes easily to me.

Like I said, I can't not write.

Words are my toys.

Google's Blogger, is my platform.

Oh, the stuff I could teach you, should you wish to blog, too!

I keep things simple, and manageable.

That's how I get all my blogs done.

Each blog is probably a facet of my brain and interest.

And I do have many varied interests.

I love learning.

And yes, I love teaching, too.

The student becomes teacher, and a student all the time.

Life is about learning, and sharing.

I so love what I do that even if no one reads my blogs, I'd still be at it.

Fortunately, people seem to like my work.

So, that makes me continue.

Spirit and I really have so much to do together!

If you work with the Holy Spirit, as I do, you'll find yourself brimming with ideas -- non-stop.

It's a wonderful life working with the Holy Spirit of God.

How dare I lay claim I work with the HS of God?

Ah, you gotta read this, then.

Because I love to write, and I have so many blogs already, I figure, I better create a blog for all my blogs, thus, Just Write Will Ya.

It's a way for me to find my work, haha.

It's a personal map.

If you like strange creatures, like myself, I welcome you here.

Perhaps, you can also create your own blog on whatever you care about.

I taught myself how to use Blogger.

You can, too!

Don't be afraid to experiment, or make mistakes.

I created more blogs than I'm sharing here.

Some, I deleted.

I like creating cool stuff.

I'm my own best critic.

Writing is personal enjoyment for me.

Words are my toys, so when I'm writing, I'm playing.

I'm sure you're an expert in many things.

Just go for whatever makes your heart sing, and your body dance.

Writing is my favorite cup of tea. 

This is my art form -- among others.

What tickles your soul?