Wednesday, May 27, 2020

All My Blogs

I guess it's time to go for the jugular.

No two ways about it.

If I don't do it now, I may never will.

So, here are my current blogs so far:

1. Band of Banners
FREE advertising for online marketers

2. Archaeologist of the Soul
Loving God above all

3. Marketers Unite
Marketers helping each other

4. FREE Members Earn
Earn cash and credits from these sites

5. Massive Ad Blasters
1-click advertising

6. Baby Jack-Jack
The magic of Jack-Jack

7. Prophecy Lessons
Bible Prophecy for beginners and believers

8. Marketing Like a Five-Year-Old
Think boldly

9. Organic Online Food Store
Boost your immune system

10. Books by SCRIBU
Spiritual warfare books

11. Leap in Income
Crypto for the world

12. Coffee Traffic Exchange
A break from the usual grind

13. The Work Objective
How to work, under the Grace and Guidance of God

14. Many Ways to be Kind
A blog on being kind

15. Persistent Kamote
Survival skills in the time of covid

16. The Hip Marketer
Revolutionary ideas in marketing

17. Quack Architect
Art Design Writing Communications

18. Just Write Will Ya
A blog for all my blogs

So, I guess that's it.

Eighteen sections of my brain.

I wonder what Spirit and I will create next?

You know that show (which I never watched), "All My Children"?

Well, all my blogs are all my children.

Now I feel like a hog, giving birth to that many.

And yes, I hug them all, close to my heart.