Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Blog For All My Blogs


I can't not write.

I was born to write.

I have much to say.

Maybe not everyone will care to hear what I want to say, but that's alright.

I create my blogs to "document" my own thinking and discoveries.

It's an internal pursuit, without which I'd probably go nuts.

So, I create blogs, right and left.

I have blogs on spirituality, FREE advertising, marketing, my books, design, survival skills, and only God knows what else I'll be creating.

How am I able to manage all my blogs?

I just write, as Spirit urges me to.

We have much to talk about, and to share.

I haven't counted my blogs, as yet.

But I will, soon as I get this first post in, of another blog I've created -- Just Write Will Ya -- the one you're reading now.

I guess, that makes me a serial blogger.

Writing comes easily to me.

Like I said, I can't not write.

Words are my toys.

Google's Blogger, is my platform.

Oh, the stuff I could teach you, should you wish to blog, too!

I keep things simple, and manageable.

That's how I get all my blogs done.

Each blog is probably a facet of my brain and interest.

And I do have many varied interests.

I love learning.

And yes, I love teaching, too.

The student becomes teacher, and a student all the time.

Life is about learning, and sharing.

I so love what I do that even if no one reads my blogs, I'd still be at it.

Fortunately, people seem to like my work.

So, that makes me continue.

Spirit and I really have so much to do together!

If you work with the Holy Spirit, as I do, you'll find yourself brimming with ideas -- non-stop.

It's a wonderful life working with the Holy Spirit of God.

How dare I lay claim I work with the HS of God?

Ah, you gotta read this, then.

Because I love to write, and I have so many blogs already, I figure, I better create a blog for all my blogs, thus, Just Write Will Ya.

It's a way for me to find my work, haha.

It's a personal map.

If you like strange creatures, like myself, I welcome you here.

Perhaps, you can also create your own blog on whatever you care about.

I taught myself how to use Blogger.

You can, too!

Don't be afraid to experiment, or make mistakes.

I created more blogs than I'm sharing here.

Some, I deleted.

I like creating cool stuff.

I'm my own best critic.

Writing is personal enjoyment for me.

Words are my toys, so when I'm writing, I'm playing.

I'm sure you're an expert in many things.

Just go for whatever makes your heart sing, and your body dance.

Writing is my favorite cup of tea. 

This is my art form -- among others.

What tickles your soul?