Sunday, June 14, 2020

Mailer For Night-Owl Marketers

Are you a marketer?

Or, perhaps, a writer who wishes to promote his books or blogs?

Maybe a thought leader, who's got lots of ideas to share?

Or you've got cool, workable programs where people can earn from?

Well, if you're one, or all, with particular emphasis on creating content that sizzles, here's the perfect vehicle to mail other members about your offers.

Put out by the Ad Labyrinth Empire, The Midnight Writer is an engaging mailer which offers you the following upon sign up:

-- $2.00 promo cash bonus
-- 3000 credits
-- 1000 long banner impressions
-- 1000 square banner impressions
-- 1000 text ad link impressions

Apart from that generous offer, there are also many ways to earn, or upgrade inside.

There are referral contests, all the way till the end of August 2020, with exciting cash and advertising prizes.

It's one of those mailers I like -- simple, easy to navigate, generous, and user-friendly. 

Whether you join the referral contest, or not, and merely want to mail in peace, then do so.

The site is growing each day, and I can imagine this mailer to be around for as long as the owners and admin care for it to be around.

Sign up for FREE, and put out your best offers to the members.

Click this link to join The Midnight Writer.

So very perfect for night-owl marketers.

And yes, by that, we mean you can mail ANYTIME.