Thursday, June 18, 2020

Why I Write

Why do I write?

Why do I have so many blogs?

I write, because I have something to say.

I write, because I have plenty to share.

I write, because I'm teaching myself many things, too.

I write, because God gave me the gift to write.

I write, because it comes naturally to me.

I write, because the articles, and books, spill from my heart.

I write, because I'm learning something new each day.

I write, because there's so much to tell you about God.

I write, because I was born to write.

And a very strange thing happened, just as I randomly opened my little black book, on choice sayings from my favorite thinkers and authors.

It opened in EXACTLY the passage I wanted to share with you. 

Henry Miller tells it like it is, for me, as well:  

"I write without thought or let. 
I take down the dictation as it were."

I don't know whose dictation the marvelous writer's ideas were coming from, but I do know mine.

My thoughts, especially for over nine months now, when my writing really "exploded", comes from the Holy Spirit, the Teacher that Christ left us with, to remember His words and teachings.

How can it not?

I'd been praying for a very long time that all come from GOD alone.

I only wanted His TRUTH.

True enough, the writing couldn't be stopped, more than ever.

Night and day, it's like a factory of ideas each time, every moment.

But actually, they're not even ideas, they're merely to support my belief in God's WORD.

My words are God's WORD.

I don't own the words.

God does.

So, I laugh a bit at how people seem to copyright everything, when EVERYTHING that's kind or brilliant comes from God anyway.

I don't own anything.

God does.

I merely write, when inspired -- by the Holy Spirit.

Or when HS has something important to say -- instructions mostly.

Or reminders.

About the Might, Power, and Glory of God.

And of how we ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Surely, my child-like heart can grasp that Might, Power, and Glory, for we "kids" have expansive imaginations.

And our hearts aren't cluttered or stifled by self.

Self's gone over nine months ago.

God resides in my soul now.

More than ever.

Expect the best writing yet.

And I don't take any credit for that.

Of course, God will use the simple language I like.

I don't like complicating things, to show how intelligent I am.

I'm not.

God is.